The Body Project


As a person, I believe that things are not always as they seem. I believe that people’s individual perception leads them to view and experience things in their own unique way. Sometimes, to get to the truth we must dive deeper into what we see, we must challenge our perceptions and preconceived notions about what we think we are supposed to notice and feel.

As a photographer, I want to challenge one to go beyond what they usually see. I want one to look beyond their normal perception. I want people to make up their own minds about what is really there, and not just “see” what they think they are supposed to. As if what we are “supposed to see” is a box that is impossible to get into.

In our society, the human body probably gets more scrutiny than anything. We always seem to notice flaws. We often overlook that the body, even with imperfections is beautiful. By distorting the human form, in camera, through triple exposures (not through photoshop), I ask the viewer to look past the so-called imperfections, and into the beauty. I invite people to stand outside the box, and while doing so, change the way the human form is observed and scrutinized. My experience with the images I have created has brought many women to view their own bodies in a new and more positive way. I hope to share that transformative experience on a broader level, with men and women by challenging how they see themselves and others.

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