Ghost Bike Project

A white-painted bicycle leans, locked to a post a few feet away from the spot where a car struck and killed a bicyclist. Flowers decorate the abandoned bike, a visible reminder that life is fragile. This is a Ghost Bike, one of over 500 such memorials chained to fences, streetlights, and signposts across the United States. I discovered Ghost Bikes while shooting in New York in May 2010, and their symbolic power affected me profoundly. Over time, many Ghost Bikes have been removed.  I hope this project will help the memorials and their sentiment live on. I have shot Ghost Bikes in over 50 cities and have published a book (Don’t Forget Me). Check out the book here.

All images available for purchase here. Or contact Genea Barnes directly at: geneabarnes (at) geneabarnes (dot) com

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