Ghost Bike Prints for Sale

All Photographs are signed, editioned and embossed with the Genea Barnes Photography logo on the border.

Size 1  Limited Edition Photograph: 6.75″x6.75″image printed on 10″x10″ paper $50.00

Size 2  Limited Edition Photograph: approximately 10″x7″ image printed on 14″x11″ paper $125.00

Size 3  Limited Edition Photograph: approximately 14″x9.5″ image printed on 20″x16″ paper $250.00

Size 4  Limited Edition Photograph: approximately 20″x13″ image printed on 30″x24″ paper $400.00

Larger sizes, and more work available from this project, please email [geneabarnes (at) geneabarnes (dot) com] for information.

IMAGES WITH GHOSTS  available in sizes: 2, 3 and 4

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IMAGES WITH BIKES ONLY  available in sizes: 2, 3, and 4

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Size 1 photographs $50.00

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Ghost Bike Book click here for more information

Ghost Bike Zine click here for more information

Book and Zine: $47.95
Book and size 1 Print: $79.95
Book, size 1 Print and Zine: $87.95

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