Kickstarter Update #4 – Monday, August 13, 2012

It has been a crazy ride! There are only 5 days left and I am 95% to my goal, with over 120 backers and supporters. Thank you so much to all that have reposted and supported me along the way. It means more than I could ever express. When I return from this trip I will work very hard to create these pieces and put them together into a book. If you haven’t donated yet, but want to, please know that any overfunding on this project will go into a savings account towards the production of the Ghost Bike Project Book, the extra funding will NOT go to me having a more lavish experience on this journey. Thank you everyone for all your support, and for helping me to make the dreams in my heart come true. I hope that good things come to you all. I really would not be able to take this artistic journey without you.

Extra special thanks to my newest contributors:

Jeff O’Leary, Doug Perine, Maggie Cole & Scott Jacobs, Chris Gorog, Robin Biles, Richard Imbro, Sean Sullivan, Anastasia Fuller, Melinda Hickey, Lisa Doyle, Natalia Cusick, Jeff Easterby, Chad Ford, Rebecca Pridmore, Devin Breese, Rachel, David Overstreet, Gate Gelana, Travis Thumm, Bart Grady, Steve Kress, Raines Cohen, Schlomo Rabinowitz, Erika Ray, Meghan McDonough, Colin Bogart, Kristy Lin Billuni, John Marino, Kim Stiner-Zercoe, Alison Yates, Edna Rouse, Veronica Guzman, Sarah Foster, Charlie Kuttner, Patty McCann, Danny & Kat of ZKO Films, and Matthew Salvia

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