Kickstarter Update 2: We’ve reached the 50% mark!! – Thursday, July, 26, 2012

We have reached 50% in just 8 days!!!! I hope the momentum keeps going!!

I am definitely a do it all by myself kind of person. I have always had a difficult time asking for help, and an even harder time accepting help. Someone told me recently that I need to get better at accepting things from people, they thought this project might force me to do so. They were right. Every time I get an email saying that someone else has backed my project I am filled with such awe, and wonder, and I know that I have to accept it. That someone believes in what I am trying to do or they believe in me. I don’t really have the words to express how that makes me feel. Many of you have even given without wanting any of the rewards in return. Such beautiful gifts you all bestow upon me. Some of you are not able to give, but you have helped my cause by sending my link out to others and have reposted it on facebook. For this I am tremendously grateful; you will be the added boost that helps me reach and maybe even surpass my goal.

I really want to share some of the correspondences of some eerie coincidences that have led me to believe that I was meant to do this project, and that now is the time to put it together. Click on the picture to enlarge and read.

EXTRA SPECIAL THANK YOUS GO TO: Ben Hawkins (for throwing together my kickstarter video with all the terrible footage I gave him), and To Kristy Lin Billuni (for editing my proposal so that it reads like a dream)

JUMP UP AND DOWN THANK YOUS GO TO MY GENEROUS BACKERS: Theresa Teel, Paul Burry, Eric Hart, Justin Cottrell, Kate Astle, Allison Sadauskas, Myriah Southard, Edward Bustos, Ryan James Bennett, Tiffany Tracy, Wanda Barnes (my kick ass grandmother), Austin Hinkle (my rockin’ cousin), John Loshuertos, Mike Taylor, Lori Bevilacqua, Jeff Linam, Jennifer Tatum, Brent Burgess, Robert Evans, David Dibble, Shane Farthing, Chili Bill Eichinger, Kristen Khorge Pearce, Liquorneck (AKA Erik Sadauskas), William Corwin, Scott Trump, Andrea Kramer, Jay Michaelis, KelleyAnn Schilke, Billy Bicket, Traci Anderson, Korie Franciscus

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