Kickstarter Funded! (kickstarter update 1/8/2015

Ghost Bike Triptych


I don’t even know what to say. I am completely overwhelmed with the support you all have given me. So much of this campaign came down to the bitter end, and I made it my the skin of my teeth. I am truly honored that so many of you came aboard to support me in my efforts to make this project a reality.

I have always been fiercely independent and it is not the easy for me to ask for help. I like the kickstarter platform, because I get to give you something back for your generosity. Many of you chose to receive no reward, and each time I saw that it literally made me well with emotion. Every pledge that came through, no matter how small, made my heart fill with gratefulness. Thank you, all of you from the bottom of my heart and beyond. Your support has meant so very much.

During the month of December while running my kickstarter campaign, I worked 35 shifts, and had no time to do anything other than reach out to you all for your support and work. I have taken a few days off to recoup, and I am now ready to get back to working full force on this project, as there have been a few hiccups.

Many of you know that I had a very intense eye infection in my right eye in the fall. It took three months to completely heal, and I still have a scar that affects my right vision. Because of this I fell a little behind on finishing all of my art pieces. I do still have some to finish, and will finish them this month.

Additionally, the designer that had intended to do the layout of the book became too busy at his regular job to do this project. Subsequently, the same thing happened with the two designers that followed. What does this mean? Well, it means that I will do the layout of the book. The downside is that the delivery of the books will run a little behind. I was hoping to have them to you in March. I am now shooting for the end of March early April. If your reward includes something other than the book or the zine, you will receive it in February. I will send out questionnaires to those backers towards the end of the month.


Special Thanks to all my backers: Peter Zimmer, Tiffany Amundson, John Nero, Sierra, Vicky Contreras Sala, Heather Nuss, Shannon Martinez, Bill Moore, Kim Stiner-Zercoe, Jude Moran, Vanessa Whalen, Keith Moss, Justin Luhrs, Oscar, Joseph Mastriano, Gus Dizon, Andie Grace, Tom Robinson, Steven Campbell, Jean-Paul Bourdier, Pat Engstrom, C Bradford Mena, Christopher Lundstrom, Kimberley Whiting, Kevin Avanzato, Josh Shafizadeh, Annie Mengis, Erika Ray, Topaz Ermshar, Carly Henry, Catherine Margerin, Sabrina Asch, Michael DeCaro, John Akre, Justin McLaughlin, Samantha White, Terry Shedron, Ashley Bart, Ron Findlay, Eli Poblitz, Alvaro Imbrett, Ewa Jackiewicz, David Ortez, Jeffrey ONeil, Stuart Matthews, Jeff Van Earwage, Dave XRobb, Terrell Brunet, David Nicholson, Kemp Gorman, Erik Sadauskas, Tara Candoli, Kristen Korge Pearce, Anthony Martinez, Kyle Maple, Mary Beth Keegan, Michael C Pinson, Natalia Cusick, Brian Venturi, William, Tom Ostoyich, Megan Kerns, Jennifer Tatum, Azoil Strigidae, Doug Perine, Brandy Dubs, Jeremiah Smith, Don Kasak, Katerina okorna, Tommy Basso, The Calan Family, Lucas Barnes, Minal Hajratwala, Glenda OConnor, Andrea Kramer, Brent Burges, Therese, Kenneth Leaf, Alise Boxer, Judith Finneren, Edwin Heaven, Brian Burnam, Alex Wyrick, Myriah Southard, Zachary Ingram, Steve Mangle, Eddie Trevino, Tom, Timothy Garafola, Wesley Bell, Brian Burke, Vaughn, Will Patterson, Shannon Levy, Rhonda Campbell, Sergio, Ben Swanson, Ryan Curry, Donna Barnes, Lawrence G, Matt McLelland, Sandee Schlaak, John Abbott, Ron Turner, Joseph Lyons, Regina Chappell, Joe Lee, Paul Hayward, Monica Bejarano, Rachel Schneir, Mark Barsekain, Cathy Begien, Arthur Suarez, Megan McEnulty, May Jones, Paden Fallis, Benjamin, Matt Andersen, Mark Hayes, Korena Forss, Michael Jaworski, Bill Hilbert, Chris Struhar, Jason, Brian Dees, Krisy Kulp, Ali Sholer, Carrie Stone, Jose Badillo, Darin B, Brian Kraft, Matt Artz, Mabis Chase, Giuliana DiCenso, Geraldine, Dave Knox, Victor Boyd, Corinne Phipps, Colin Hardman, Mike Selvera, Joey Ganoza, Dave Stefani, Steven Nossiter, Andrew Marks, Wanda Barnes, Kym Bernazky, Robert Tahija, Kenny Appell, Danny Gamboa, Jay Barnes, Lindsay Barrick, Veronica and Jacob Moss, Rory Adair, Jim Carden, Scott Trump, Tonya Rice, Daryn Jankovic, Theresa Teel, Carmela Giamberardino, Richard Jule, Meghan McDonaough, Lisa Foster, Peggie Sullivan And Rod Williams, Dave, Jennifer Pasarow, Sean Leo Ryan, Patricia Holst, John Mettier, Sako Zadoian, Kory Ward, Justin Strubling, Kendra Engstrom, Nick Rounds, Julie Gravelle, Kevin, Michael Dowling, Kristy Lin Billuni, Krystal Kavney, Josh Bluh, Jennifer Kromberg, Jeff OLeary, George Kaiafas, Chris Moore, Ronald Hidinger, Chad Ford, Geoffray Barbier, Janice Paulson, Bobby Crace, Tim McHugh, Jan Barnes, Amy Hall, Carolyn OBrien, Josh Warren, Chris Lawrence, Chris Christensen, Bart and Emily Grady, Andrew Gentile, nwkcc, Chris Brunelle, Austin Hinkle, Anne Spalding, Natalie Bayne, Rich Mason, Tyler Whimer, Paula Jaspar, Ted Faber, Breakthrough Photography, Susan Lash, VizySearch INC, KelleyAnn Schilke, Ben Heiderich, Sharon matzinger, Stephen Auerbach, Roshin Carmen Mills, Rebecca Pridmore, Kelly Garrod, Phil Marks, Chris Neil, Dave Tempke, and Noah Levy.

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