I am feeling overwhelmed with gratitude – Saturday, July 21, 2012

It is interesting how when I started this I thought that if everyone I knew gave me $5, I would probably make my goal. I thought about how I would feel honored if someone wanted to give me even a dollar or two. I had no idea how full of gratitude my heart would be once people started backing my project. How I would feel so overwhelmed with honor that my eyes would feel with tears (Yes, I am a sap!) It is only day 2 and I am already 23% funded, and I still haven’t reached out to everyone I know or the bicycle community. Keep your fingers crossed for me to reach my goal, and if by some miracle I am overfunded I will be able to set aside that money for the eventual production of the Ghost Bike Project Book.
Special thank to my contributors so far. I am truly blessed for your generosity!
Jerry Talkington, Joe Weatherby, Christopher Michael Neill, Bill Softky, Dan Burns, Heather Nuss, Ted Neranchi, Jennifer Passarow, Phil Marks, Rhonda Campbell, Pat Engstrom, Luke Wilson, Mig Gerard, Tara Candoli, Leighton AhPo, J Arthur Beaman, O’Hanlon Motocycles, Marisol, Rustun Nichols, Mables Magic, Eric Maland, and Daryn Jankovic

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