Final Results and I surpassed my goal with your help!! – Saturday, August 18, 2012

Special thanks to those of you that put me over the top! I could not have done this without you and the ones who pledged before you. I am still in shock that it is real, and that this is really going to happen! Thank you so so much. I will be expressing my gratitude for quite sometime, so get used to it!!

For my newest supporters:

Nick Bray, Erica Weston, Ben Hawkins, Chris & Lisa Toner, Andrew Taucher and Karen, Chris Lundstrom, Samantha White, Caitlin Reid, Jean-Paul Bourdier, Dominick Scala, Anne Wind, Donna Barnes, Janet Barnes, Matthew Tretter, David Ortez, Bill Hilbert, Carl, Ethel Jimenez, and Jamie Robin

you really made the difference!!

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