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The first time I saw one of these roadside memorials, it inspired and moved me to action. The fragility of human life, and the dangers of cycling became a reality.  A Ghost Bike is a visible reminder of a careless moment; a reminder of how important it is to keep each other safe in an increasingly fast paced and hectic world. 

 I sought out and photographed Ghost Bikes in every city I visited, and learned that most Ghost Bikes are removed within a few months. I wanted the impact of these memorials to have a greater reach, so I set out on a journey to photograph as many Ghost Bikes as I could find, and create a book. “Don’t Forget Me” is a book to honor the ones we have lost, the once who have ride, and the ones who fight to make it safe. The book features the journal of my travels and fine art photographs. I wish to inspire people to be thoughtful in how they move around each other, on the road and in life. I hope that my inspirational moment will create a boundless ripple.  

–Genea Barnes

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Press Kit
Lauging Squid: A Beautiful Book Featuring Images of Memorial Ghost Bikes Average Joe Cyclist: “…review of an important and memorable book by a remarkable photographer.” Bike2Power: Must Read: Don’t Forget Me NY Bike Accident Blog: Photographer Tracks Down Ghost Bikes in Haunting New Book Streetsblog USA: You Won’t Soon Forget These Photos of Ghost Bikes. SF Weekly: “Genea Barnes is working on a project to make cyclists safer on the road but its not a bike lane, a piece of city planning policy, a highly visible piece of clothing or anything else that’s routinely touted as a measure to reduce cyclist deaths…”

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